Our experienced team has mastered the lending process into 4 simple steps to save you time and to provide you with more efficient solutions.


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Fast Approval and Commitment


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We lend on:

  • Leaseholds, stratas, and co-ops
  • Residential and small commercial
  • Rentals, vacation property, and serviced land
  • Remediated grow-ops and purchase of previous grow-ops
  • Partial interest
  • Mobiles on owned land
  • Renovations and construction
  • Rural properties
  • Properties with CHIP mortgages

We lend to:

  • Credit impaired
  • Self-employed, salaried, commissioned, and seasonal workers
  • New immigrants and non-residents
  • Current or previous foreclosures
  • Current or previous insolvency and credit counselling
  • Divorcing, separating couples
  • Corporate borrowers
  • Retired individuals