Our team is experienced in a vast array of lending needs; each broker seeking out custom solutions for you and your clients. Of the long list of success stories, we’ve highlighted a few to provide scope and the positive effects of timely funding from Sequence Capital.

KELOWNA, BC – Partial interest 2nd mortgage
The client originally bought their home, with their father gifting the down payment; the father has a 1% interest in the home. The client needed to renovate and payoff a large unsecured line of credit. Their bank would not add on to their mortgage without their father signing.
2nd Mortgage
Loan: $194,000
Rate: 7.99%
LTV: 65%
Lender fee: $3,880
Broker fee: $3,880
AFTER The client signed on their own without the father. The renovations were completed and the line of credit was paid out.
WHITBY, ON – No payment/Reverse Mortgage
The clients were looking to retire early and have a lot of equity in their home. Their mortgage broker suggested a reverse mortgage. When they applied, they were declined as the husband was 56 but the wife was 52. They both needed to be 55 to qualify for a traditional reverse mortgage product.
1st Reverse/No Payment Mortgage – 3 year term
Loan: $295,000
Rate: 6.99%
LTV: 25%
Lender fee: $5,900
Broker fee: $5,900
AFTER The clients are now happily retired and will apply for a traditional reverse mortgage when the wife turns 55.

VAUGHAN, ON – 2nd position no payment mortgage, 1 year term
The clients own a long-time, successful hair salon. Their business had been dramatically impacted by COVID. Business is picking up but they need a cash infusion to pay back rent and their employees. As cash flow is tight, they were requesting the smallest payment possible until business is back to normal.
2nd position, no payment mortgage
Loan: $150,000
Rate: 7.99%
LTV: 50%
Lender fee: $3,000
Broker fee: $3,000
The clients were able to pay their back rent, pay and retain their valued employees and plan to refinance next year when their 1st is up for renewal
LANGLEY, BC – 1ST mortgage debt consolidation

The clients had a current $250,000 bank 1st mortgage, $125,000 in revolving debt & $5,000 with various payday loan companies due to the wife being temporarily laid off. Their high monthly payments were making the client fall further behind, forcing them to become increasingly reliant on the payday loan.
1st Mortgage
Loan: $399,250
Rate: 7.99%
LTV: 60%
Lender fee: $7,985
Broker fee: $7,985
We consolidated the client’s mortgage and consumer debt, lowering their payments by $3,400 and getting them caught up - payday loans are a thing of the past.